"What are Points/Rank?"

1 Points
2 Rank

  Points can be used to enter a giveaway. Upon the giveaway ending, winner(s) will be selected randomly.

  Everyone starts with 7,500 points and can have a maximum of 20,000 points. 1 point = 1¢, 100 points = $1

  Points required to enter giveaways varies dependent on the Steam store or Market price of the game/item.

  Rank show your contribution to the site and the community.

  When you have given away a certain amount of giveaways, you will gain a higher rank.

  This allows you to enter into restricted giveaways as a reward. Click here to find out about each rank.

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"How do I earn Points/Rank?"

1 Free Points When You Sign-up And Stay Active!

  Everyone starts with 7,500 points, and you automatically receive free points for every new giveaway created on the site. Furthermore, visiting the site every 24 hours gives you extra points.

2 Create Giveaways

  For each giveaway you create, you will receive 20% of the giveaways value in Points. Additionally, you will earn higher Rank each time you contribute enough giveaways. For example, a giveaway worth 2000 points ($20) will earn you 400 points and Rank 2.

Complete tasks 3 - 6 for extra points + get free upgrade to Rank 1!
3 Join The Steam Group

  Join our steam group to receive an extra 1,000 points! Click here to join.

4 Invite Friends To Steam Group

  Invite your friends to the Steam Group and receive 500 points for each friend that joins! Get 20 friends into the Steam Group to complete this task. Click here to invite your friends.

5 Invite Friends To The Site

  Send friends an invitation to join the site and both of you will receive 1500 points each!
Friends can use a referral code when signing-up, or go through the URL link.
  Invite Code: Login to view code
  Referral Link: Login to view code

6 Post In Discussions

  Mix with the community in the discussions board! You will receive 2000 extra points for your first 3 comments and first topic created! Click here for discussions.

Complete tasks below for rewards + get free upgrade to Rank 3!
7 Donations

  Inventory Gifts is run at the expense of the developers, involving many costs, e.g. Servers. Please donate to help keep this great community running! As a reward, you will receive donator status on your profile, will be added to the donator list, and restrictions on creating public group giveaways will be removed! Donate $20 or more and you will be upgraded to rank 3! Click here to learn more.