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Seigneur NecronCreated: Jul 29, 2016 Here is a list of bugs I noticed on the website:
- On the main page, in the discussion list, the site says "Last post made 16 hours ago by Seigneur Necron" for the 2 first discussions. It's only true for the first one, no one replied in the second one.
- I joined the site yesterday (well, sort of, I just have a weird day/night cycle xD ) and clicked on check if friends have joined the Steam group. The site said 1 friends had joined (which was correct) and I received 500 points. Today I checked in my Steam client, 5 friends had joined, so I came back on the site and clicked the link again. It seems something failed and the site said me to wait 2 minutes before I check again. At that moment I lost the 500 points I received yesterday (we can lose points?... weird). I waited a few minutes and checked again. The site now says again that 1 friend has joined (which is not correct anymore) and I recovered the 500 points.
- It's actually the second time I write this, cause the first time I clicked on "Create Topic", fields were cleared and no topic was created. (So now "yesterday" is really yesterday xD ) *copy-pasting in notepad++*

I hope it will help you fix the bugs. :)

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